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I was never a big coffee drinker before Mean Cat coffee.  I had tried run of the mill coffees you find at any workplace and simply did not like them.  Later, I drank whole bean, organic coffees and found them drinkable, but not a must have.  Then, I tried Mean Cat and found that coffee from small farms, roasted fresh in small batches, to be nothing short of wonderful.  I have now been drinking Mean Cat since it's beginning and have yet to be disappointed.  If it is not Mean Cat, I just don't drink it.  You can't beat that freshly roasted taste.  I tell every coffee drinker I know about Mean Cat and was pleased to see there was a testimonial page on the website.  So if your considering ordering some, do it you'll never look back.  -- Kim Hacker

No matter what type of coffee you are looking for...Mean Cat is THE BEST! It's fresh! It tastes better than Starsucks! And it's affordable! Jason is an artist. Try it! You won't be disappointed -- C.W. Fortney


I just hate the coffeenistas who swear by their $4.00 per cup Starbucks and wouldn't drink anything else.  Obviously they want to be part of the trendy coffee drinker set instead of drinking a good cup of real coffee from small family farms and sold by a local family vendor.  You can't go wrong with any of the coffees, however I do like voodoo & mean cat.

Give it a try and drive by Starbucks & wave on your way to the bank.  -- Leda Tilton


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