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I wanted to let everyone know that the site will be offline for a bit sometime this week so that I can apply some upgrades and changes to the site.

Some of the intended changes will be:




  • A cart system to help with orders.
  • New text color. I have had a couple of people tell me that the light brown text on the dark brown background is a little hard to see at times, so I will be changing to a lighter color text that will hopefully be easier to read.
  • A clickable Mean Cat Coffee logo at the top of every page that will return you to the home page.


The site should only be down for an hour or two, if it even takes that long.




Jan. 4, 2011

I've installed the upgrades. I do like the lighter text, and hopefully you will also. I also made a change that will return you to the homepage when you click the Mean Cat Coffee header at the top of the page.

A cart system was also added to the website and I will integrating it over the next few days. This should make ordering a bit easier.

Jan. 10, 2011

The cart system has now been intergrated into the site and set up for each indiviual coffee. Right now is is set up without any shipping option, but I will get back to you once an order is placed and we can arrange shipping then. You must register for the site before you can use the cart. I will be testing and refining the cart system as time goes on.

If anyone has issues with the cart please contact me and let me know.



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