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Ground CoffeeI will preface this announcement with the disclaimer that one should always use freshly ground coffee whenever possible. Most department stores and groceries sell inexpensive grinders for less than $10. Freshly ground coffee imparts more flavor and richness than pre-ground coffee. With that being said, I am now offering ground coffee as an option on all my offerings. For those of you who wish to get pre-ground coffee from me you have three options: 


Fine Grind - For Espresso or Turkish brewing methods 

Medium Grind - Good for most drip coffee makers

Coarse Grind - For French Press


All coffee should now have drop-down menus for grind options. Let me know if I missed any.

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Hanger's Restaurant Now Serving Mean Cat Coffee.


Hangers LogoNow one of Richmond's finest dining establishments, Hangers Restaurant, is now proudly serving Richmond's best freshly roasted coffee.

Mean Cat coffee will be sold by the cup and we will be offering a rotating selection each month. And as always, if you like the coffee (or hopefully love it) you can contact me about purchasing by the pound or half pound.


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Stacked Coffee BeansI just added a couple new coffees to the site. The first is the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Goroka Plantation A. This is the first PNG that I have ever stocked and it is good. Those of you who are fans of earthy, lower acidity Indonesian coffees will really find this one a treat.


I've also added a new Guatemala, El Tambor. This is a really delicous Central American coffee with lots of chocolate flavors.

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Mean Cat Coffee is now Kentucky Proud.

Ky Proud logoMean Cat Coffee is excited to announce that we are now officially certified Kentucky Proud. Kentucky Proud is recognized as the symbol of quality food products raised or made in Kentucky by Kentuckians. Mean Cat Coffee is honored to be a Kentuck Proud member.

Buying Kentucky Proud products decreases this distance and ensures that you’re eating fresh and nutritious foods while supporting Kentucky’s farm families. Buying local products strengthens our local economy by keeping dollars at home and building a sense of community during the process.

Kentucky Proud is not only a way to provide safe and nutritious products for your loved ones, but it is an investment in Kentucky’s land, people and its future.

So buy Kentucky Proud…Nothing Else Is Close. 

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I wanted to let everyone know that the site will be offline for a bit sometime this week so that I can apply some upgrades and changes to the site.

Some of the intended changes will be:


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