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Guatemala Huehuetenango, San Juan Microlot

Fair Trade Organic


Huehuetenango San Juan coffee comes from a selection of a few small producers from Huehutenando highlands. This area is the highest and driest of the three non volcanic specialty coffee areas. Huehuetenango possesses on the the most enchanting coffee cultures in Guatemala.

The coffee is produced between 5000 and 5500 feet above sea level. The average rainfall is between 1800mm with a relative humidity of 70-80%. The area is embraced by the warm winds of Tehuantepec, and the cold air masses from the Cuchunatanes mountains..

The ripe red cherries are carefully harvested and selected by these small producers and delivered to a central washing station. Once the cherries have been depulped, fermented in tanks and washed, the parchment is set on concrete patios for sun drying. After this process is completed it is delivered to a milling station where it is carefully sorted, cupped and classified for export.

This microlot from the San Juan region is certified Fair Trade organic.

This is an excellent example of a Guatemalan coffee. The ground coffee has an aroma of wet pine needles. The body is full and rich, which is unusual for most Guatemalans. The medium acidity has a nice citrus quality that reminds me of oranges and couples very nicely with the dark toffee flavors of the brewed coffee. The cup finishes with nice plum flavors that sit on that back of the tongue. Does very well with cream or other milk base drinks (lattes and cappuccinos).

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