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Costa Rica Tarrazu Robles & Sons

Unripe Costa Rica coffee.


Robels & Sons farm is owned and operated by Don Calin Robles and his family. The farm was founded in 2004 and has been producing exceptional coffee from the start. The farm is located in the Tarrazu growing region, in the smaller micro region of San Marcos. It consists of about 30 acres of farmable land, which produces about 200-300 bags of coffee per year. The farm also has the advantage of being located at a very high elevation, 1650 meters (about 5,400 feet) above sea level. Coffee grown at such elevations mature slowly, which results in a more dense better tasting coffee.

This small family farm, with its attention to detail and sustainability when growing coffee, is exactly what Mean Cat Coffee like to offer.

Robels and Sons has a bright and vibrant acidity. There is a dry fragrance of caramel and spice with hints of orange. The cup has notes of cinnamon, chocolate, honeysuckle, and a slight raspberry-like tartness. It's a bright coffee with a medium body that really wakes up the palate while still remaining balanced and a very drinkable. Make an excellent morning cup.


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