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Beneficio Las Segovias is the farm of Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada, who runs Las Segovias mill as well. The farm name means "A Gift from God" and reflects the convictions of the owner. It was recognized as the best Nicaragua coffee in the Coffee of the Year competition at SCAA in 2010 (with a solid but not sky-high 85.5 points). Then it won 3rd place in the Cup of Excellence in 2010 with a more impressive 91.3 points, a Presidential Award score. They donated all their CoE proceeds, no small amount of money, to a home building project and church in the area of the farm. Sr. Ballardes is a new owner of the farm, but his family has deep roots in coffee farming. The farm ranges on steep slopes from 1350 meters up to 1700 meters, and only about 1/3 of the land (41 hectares) is planted in coffee.


Maragoype Coffee Bean ComparisonThis is a prime example of the Maragogype varietal of Arabica coffee. This mutation was first discovered in the Maragogype region of Brazil's state of Bahia. Maragogype trees produce the world's largest coffee beans, sometimes called "elephant'" beans . Maragogype beans are grown in several countries and are a sought-after coffee for their smooth flavor as well as attractive appearance. Unfortunately, because their yield is low, Maragogype trees are expensive to maintain, and at the end of their productive lives, many of the trees are being replaced with more "normal" growths. See the picture to the left for a comparison of a Maragogype bean to a normal coffee bean.


This is a very interesting, shape-shifting, richly aromatic, and delicious cup of coffee. The dry fragrance has aromatics of Root beer and cinnamon, with pungent floral fruit. It's incredibly and surprisingly floral with citrus on the break. The root beer shows up in the warm cup with some light lemon frosting flavors. There's soft honeydew melon with an expansive mouthfeel and root beer and cherry in the finish. As it cools, the cup is more floral, with the pungent floral papaya coming through in a big way.


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