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Costa Rica Tarrazu Fruta de Oro

Coffee leaf and berry.


The Fruta de Oro estate is located in the mountainous Southern Pacific area of Costa Rica. Their coffee is grown in the rich, well drained volcanic soils of the Tarrazu region. Fruta de Oro is a SHB or Strictly Hard Bean and is grown at elevations between 1200-1700 meters. Coffees grown at high altitudes mature more slowly and grow to be harder and denser than beans grown at lower elevations. The inherent consistency and taste attributes of high grown beans makes them more desirable than coffees grown at lower elevations.


The Fruta de Oro estate coffee is grown using Rain Forest Alliance standards. The Rainforest Alliance gives farmers an economic incentive to farm sustainably. By providing them with the tools and techniques they need, the Rainforest Alliance helps farmers protect the integrity of their lands and ensure that their soils remain fertile, their waterways run clean and their workers are well-treated and earn a fair wage, all the while allowing the coffee to flourish in a natural rain forest environment.


Like most Costa Rican coffees Fruta de Oro is considered a "classic cup". It's a clean, well balanced coffee that that has a subdued berry acidity. The body is complex but not heavy. There are no overwhelming flavors in the coffee, but everything is in there in proportion and balance; milk chocolate with red berry notes and slight vanilla flavor as the cup cools. A mellow and smooth coffee that makes a everyday drinker.


( $6 ½ lb., $12 lb.)


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Panama Elida Estate Natural:

Coffee Trees in Bloom


At the turn of the century Kentucky born Robert Lamastus·started an Arabica coffee plantation in a farm located at around 5,600 ft (1 700 m) above sea level in the skirts of the Baru Volcano in Boquete, Panama. He processed and exported what is still today considered as one of the highest quality coffees in the world. Now a days and two generations later the tradition continues, the Lamastus family, still produces, processes, and exports its own rare estate coffees.


Elida estate is planted in rich deep young volcanic soils and is kept in optimum conditions to develop the best quality coffee that the trees can produce. The cherries are delicately hand-picked, at strict full maturity, by native Ngobe-Bugle Indians in an area where our main objective is to keep the environment to its most pristine and natural condition. The coffee is then washed processed with most care to keep the rich flavor of the coffee. Then, the coffee is carefully selected, rested for 60 days in burlap sacks on wooden floors and then exported directly by the Lamastus family.


In these estates, Estate only, the area that goes up to 6,000 ft is planted with coffee (in Panama coffee cannot be grown at altitudes higher than 6,000 ft) and the other part is an ecological reserve area, located within the Volcan Baru National Park, where you can go bird watching and see many beautiful plant, animals and bird species including the Quetzal.


All this care and attention to detail produces one spectacular coffee. Rich creamy body and lots of berry flavor in this one; blackberry, strawberry, and maybe some blueberry. Hints of banana and milk chocolate also reside in the cup. Medium acidity with a nice lingering aftertaste.


Temporarily Sold Out! But don't fret, the new crop is on the way.

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Central American



Mexico Chiapas El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, Fair Trade Organic

Coffee Processing

 El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve is truly like taking a step back in time. It is located on the tropical rainforest slopes of the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. It is a federally protected natural area in the Mexican state of Chiapas. The El Triunfo Reserve is the largest remaining rainforest on the Mexican Pacific coast and is one of the largest cloud forests in Mesoamerica.


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Honduras, Santa Barbra, Esteban Madrid Microlot   

Honduras Coffee

This is one of the excellent coffees microlot that came out of Honduras this year. It hails from the Santa Barbra region and was grown on the Esteban Madrid farm.The Santa Barbra region first gained notice in 2005 when one of the farms won the Cup of Excellence. Since then the Santa Barbra's collection of small producers and farms has become known for producing exceptional coffee within Honduras.


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