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Ethiopia Sidamo Natural, Organic

Drying Beds at Sidamo


The Sidamo region in located in Southern Ethiopia and is one of the largest coffee producing regions in Africa. Sidamo coffee includes Yirgachefe Coffee and Guji Coffee. Farmers in this region grow many different heirloom varietals of native Arabica coffee beans, which also grow wild on the hillsides of Sidamo. They pool their coffee beans at a coffee co-op, and the diversity of varietals yields coffee of wonderful complexity. Some farmers in the Sidamo region grow their coffee in the same plots as their family gardens. This mix of crops helps to replinish the nutrients in the soil and adds biodiversity to the crop.

This is also a naturally processed coffee, meaning that the entire coffee bean, including the cherry, are dried on elevated beds. After drying the, the fruit is removed and the coffee bean. This method of processing allows fermentaion of the coffee fruit, contributing to the unique tastes that can be found in coffees from this region.

Like most natural processed coffees, this Sidamo has lots of fruit flavors in the cup. There are notes of both sweet and tart berries which makes for a very complex cup. The coffee has a wonderful floral smell and a delicious caramel sweetness to the cup, with a wine-like dryness to the finish. The acidity is pronounced, but balanced with a very smooth mouthfeel. The finsh long and lingering with lots of dark berry notes.


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