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New Coffees (Jan 2011) PDF Print E-mail

Stacked Coffee BeansI just added a couple new coffees to the site. The first is the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Goroka Plantation A. This is the first PNG that I have ever stocked and it is good. Those of you who are fans of earthy, lower acidity Indonesian coffees will really find this one a treat.


I've also added a new Guatemala, El Tambor. This is a really delicous Central American coffee with lots of chocolate flavors.


See below for more info on both of these new offerings here at Mean Cat Coffee.




Papua New Guinea Goroka Plantation A

Coffe Drying Beds in PNG

Papua New Guinea, often abbreviated PNG, is an independent island state that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. This tropical paradise is one of the most diverse regions in the world with many traditional societies supporting over 850 indigenous ...

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 Guatemala El Tambor

Road to Finca El Tambor

El Tambor means the drum, and it refers to a distinct thumping sound one might have heard years ago as an underground water source led to a waterfall that, at times, sounded like a continuous earthquake on parts of the farm. The "drum" hasn't been heard for several decades now ...



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