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Mean Cat Coffee
Cascara PDF Print E-mail

CascaraMean Cat Coffee now has a wonderful new lot of Cascara back in stock. Even better, it's now a loer price. Don't miss out on this most excellent coffee product. Order up !!!

Cascara is a bright, naturally sweet tea with strong notes of strawberries, cherries, raisins, and honey. Without any type of sweetener, Cascara has a bit of lemony brightness on top of the strawberry flavor, but with a touch of sugar or honey it morphs into the delicious flavor of strawberry jam. It's terrific. You can definitely enjoy this flavorful tea either hot or iced; a perfect treat to beat the summer heat!

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New Arrivals PDF Print E-mail

New Arrivals Section


I've added a 'New Arrivals' section to the top menu. This section will be a quick reference for the newest coffee and tea arrivals here at Mean Cat Coffee.


Click here to check it out!

New Product: Aeropress PDF Print E-mail

Aeropress with Tote

I'm really excited to announce that Mean Cat Coffee is now carrying the Aeropress coffee brewing system. This is a must have brewer for any coffee lover.

The Aeropress is the resulting of years of applied research by inventor/engineer Alan Adler.· Adler’s numerous brewing experiments demonstrated that proper temperature, total immersion and rapid filtering were the keys to obtaining excellent flavour.


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Mean Cat Coffee.... And Tea !!!! PDF Print E-mail

Tea leaf.You read right!

Mean Cat Coffee is now carrying a small selection of premium quality organic Chinese loose leaf teas. I had several requests for teas and I finally found a wholesaler with the quality I was looking for. I have a limited selection availble, but hopefully it will grow if the teas become popluar.

Visit the new Tea Page to read more tea and to see what is availble. You can also browse the selections through the "Tea" button on the top menu bar.

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Hanger's Restaurant Now Serving Mean Cat Coffee.


Hangers LogoNow one of Richmond's finest dining establishments, Hangers Restaurant, is now proudly serving Richmond's best freshly roasted coffee.

Mean Cat coffee will be sold by the cup and we will be offering a rotating selection each month. And as always, if you like the coffee (or hopefully love it) you can contact me about purchasing by the pound or half pound.


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