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Island and Other Coffees


Maui Yellow Caturra Natural

Yellow Caturra is a sub-species of Arabica coffee. It is called “Yellow” Caturra because the cherry ripens yellow instead of the conventionally recognized red color. Caturra is a derivative of C. Arabica found in Brazil in 1950 and sent to Kona from El Salvador in 1954.


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Maui Mokka Natural, Screen 14

·maui Mokka


MauiGrown Coffee is the grower of Ka'anapali Estate Coffee located on the West Maui Mountains near the historic town of Lahaina. The 500-acre estate grows several varieties of Arabica coffees. The theory of “quality from seed to cup” best describes the planning and operation of MauiGrown Coffee.


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Kona Earth

Kona Coffee Bean on Tree


Wouldn't it be great to pack up the family, move to a tropical paradise, and grow some of the best coffee in the world? That's exactly what Farmer Gary did. He left the a high pressure job and moved his family to Hawaii to grow Kona coffee. Mean Cat coffee deals directly with Farmer Gary, purchasing this Kona coffee directly from the farm.


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