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Wild Cat Espresso Blend *New

Wild Cat

I went on a mission to develop a blend specifically for espresso lovers. Not only did I want this blend to be delicious as a straight espresso shot, but I also wanted it to produce fantastic milk-based drinks, like lattes, machiattos, and cappuccinos. This blend is made up of several different coffees so that the resulting cup that is very complex and delicious.


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Voodoo Cat Dark Roast Blend 

Voodoo Cat Thumbnail

I have a lot of requests for dark roast coffee, so I decided to put together a blend of beans that works well at dark roast levels. Like all offerings at Mean Cat Coffee, the Voodoo Cat Blend starts out with premium quality coffee Arabic beans that were chosen because of their ability to stand up to the rigors of darker roasts, all the while retaining flavor and body that can sometimes be lost.

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Cool Cat Blend

Great for iced coffee.

Cool Cat Pic.

 Nothing can beat a good hot cup of coffee when it cold outside, but during the summer months, when the mercury starts to climb, a hot cup of coffee may not be the first thing on you mind. With this summer's record heat and humidity I decided to put together a blend that not only produced a tasty hot cup of coffee, but also performs equally well as iced coffee.

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Mean Cat Blend

Darius, One mean cat

This is Mean Cat Coffee's proprietary blend of specially selected beans blended together to create a delicious, one of a kind cup of coffee. Each bean is roasted individually and then blended together to create a coffee that is available nowhere else.

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