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Kona Earth!


Kona Earth LogoMean Cat Coffee would like to welcome its newest offering, Kona Earth.

Wouldn't it be great to pack up the family, move to a tropical paradise, and grow some of the best coffee in the world? That's exactly what Farmer Gary did. He left the a high pressure job and moved his family to Hawaii to grow Kona coffee. Mean Cat coffee deals directly with Farmer Gary, purchasing this Kona coffee directly from the farm.


Kona Earth is a family owned and operated coffee farm located on the tropical slopes of the Hualalai volcano in the famous Kona coffee district on the Big Island of Hawaii. As an estate farm, their coffee receives constant care, ensuring the highest possible quality. The high mountain "mauka" climate combined with green farming practices allows our Arabica trees to grow lush and healthy, producing gourmet coffee beans of remarkable size and flavor. Kona Earth follows organic practices and efficient processing techniques save water and energy. Their coffee is entirely hand picked, washed in rain water, sun dried, and pesticide free.

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