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Cool Cat Blend *New*

Great for iced coffee.

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Nothing can beat a good hot cup of coffee when it cold outside, but during the summer months, when the mercury starts to climb, a hot cup of coffee may not be the first thing on you mind. With this summer's record heat and humidity I decided to put together a blend that not only produced a tasty hot cup of coffee, but also performs equally well as iced coffee.


The Cool Cat blend was developed with the help of one of my customers who drinks iced coffee 90% of the time. With his assistance we first decided which coffees had the best flavors at cooler temperatures and then we started blending these coffee to produce something extra special. The end product was so delicious that I decided to offer it for a limited time.


How does one make iced coffee? It's pretty simple. The easiest way to make iced coffee is to brew coffee as you would normally and after the coffee has cooled down to room temperature simply place it in the fridge overnight (be sure to add any sweeteners while the coffee is still hot). When you are ready for a cup of iced coffee simply pour the refrigerated coffee over ice and add milk or cream. You can also pour hot coffee directly over ice, but if you use this method be sure to make a stronger brew as it will dilute some as the ice melts.


As I said, Cool Cat blend is not just an iced coffee blend; it's also great served hot. It starts of with a base of Central American coffees that give a flavors of complex milk chocolate and cocoa, graham crackers, and a balanced creamy body. A naturally processed coffee is then added to the blend to bring add subtle fruit flavors to the mix and a bit of earthy tones. When you add cream to the mix it makes me think of chocolate covered strawberries.


( $6 ½ lb., $12 lb.)


1/2 lb. Cool Cat Blend
6.00 USD
Pound Cool Cat Blend
12.00 USD


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