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2017 Crop has arrived!


Wouldn't it be great to pack up the family, move to a tropical paradise, and grow some of the best coffee in the world? That's exactly what Farmer Gary did. He left the a high pressure job and moved his family to Hawaii to grow Kona coffee. Mean Cat coffee deals directly with Farmer Gary, purchasing this Kona coffee directly from the farm.


Kona Earth is a family owned and operated coffee farm located on the tropical slopes of the Hualalai volcano in the famous Kona coffee district on the Big Island of Hawaii. As an estate farm, their coffee receives constant care, ensuring the highest possible quality. The high mountain "mauka" climate combined with green farming practices allows their Arabica trees to grow lush and healthy, producing gourmet coffee beans of remarkable size and flavor. Kona Earth follows organic practices and efficient processing techniques save water and energy. Their coffee is entirely hand picked, washed in rain water, sun dried, and pesticide free.


The average Kona coffee farm is between 3 and 7 acres. At 13 acres, Kona Earth is larger than most. Kona Earth coffee farm is large enough to use professional equipment and practices yet small enough for that personal touch. Even with 13 acres, all of the coffee is still hand picked. Much of the world's coffee is mechanically picked, compromising quality for quantity. Hand picking allows us to harvest their coffee at peak ripeness, ensuring a quality that is hard to find anywhere else.


Kona is well known for its premium coffee. The Kona coffee district extends along the southwest edge of the island of Hawaii on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. The entire Kona coffee district is approximately 30 miles long and only a mile wide with an elevation range of 700 to 2000 feet. Only coffee grown in this region can be called Kona coffee. Of the 3 billion pounds of coffee consumed in the United States each year, less than 0.3% comes from the approximately 600 Kona coffee farms. The limited supply creates a high demand for this special gourmet coffee.


What makes Kona coffee so special? It starts with the climate. Good coffee requires very specific conditions. Coffee trees prefer temperatures between 59° and 73°F so they can't be grown anywhere that freezes in the winter. Coffee trees like plenty of sunshine but not the searing heat of many tropical regions. Coffee trees also like lots of water, about 60-85 inches per year. With all that rain, it's important to have well drained soil such as the porous volcanic soil found in Kona. It's best if there is a short dry period in the winter to allow the trees to go semi-dormant followed by consistent rainfall throughout the productive summer months. Many places have wet winters and hot dry summers, the opposite of what coffee needs. All these specific conditions can be found in the perfect balance right here on Kona Earth coffee farm, allowing our trees to grow hearty and healthy.

Kona Earth us exactly what a 100% Kona coffee should be. This year's crop was a finalist in the Gevalia Cupping Competition, placing in the top ranks among several dozen other Kona growers. The dry aroma has hints of toffee and almonds. This a is prime example of the revered Kona flavor profile; a mild, mellow coffee with nuances of pine and cedar in the cup. The cup is very clean and balanced, a sure sign or meticulous growing and processing, with a soft, buttery body. As the cup cools a slightly floral and nutty flavor comes out and lingers on the tongue.


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