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Costa Rica Tarrazu Fruta de Oro

Coffee leaf and berry.


The Fruta de Oro estate is located in the mountainous Southern Pacific area of Costa Rica. Their coffee is grown in the rich, well drained volcanic soils of the Tarrazu region. Fruta de Oro is a SHB or Strictly Hard Bean and is grown at elevations between 1200-1700 meters. Coffees grown at high altitudes mature more slowly and grow to be harder and denser than beans grown at lower elevations. The inherent consistency and taste attributes of high grown beans makes them more desirable than coffees grown at lower elevations.


The Fruta de Oro estate coffee is grown using Rain Forest Alliance standards. The Rainforest Alliance gives farmers an economic incentive to farm sustainably. By providing them with the tools and techniques they need, the Rainforest Alliance helps farmers protect the integrity of their lands and ensure that their soils remain fertile, their waterways run clean and their workers are well-treated and earn a fair wage, all the while allowing the coffee to flourish in a natural rain forest environment.


Like most Costa Rican coffees Fruta de Oro is considered a "classic cup". It's a clean, well balanced coffee that that has a subdued berry acidity. The body is complex but not heavy. There are no overwhelming flavors in the coffee, but everything is in there in proportion and balance; milk chocolate with red berry notes and slight vanilla flavor as the cup cools. A mellow and smooth coffee that makes a everyday drinker.


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