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Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

Dries Cascara


Mean Cat coffee is proud to announce a limited offering of Cascara, or otherwise known as coffee cherry tea.

One of the first steps in processing coffee once it comes off the tree is to remove the fruit, or cherry, from the coffee bean. Normally the fruit is discarded or recycled into compost to be used as fertilizer. In some countries the fruit of the cherry is dried and then brewed as a herbal tea know commonly as Cascara. The name comes from the Spanish cáscara, meaning "husk".

Cascara is a bright, naturally sweet tea with strong notes of strawberries, cherries, raisins, and honey. Without any type of sweetener, Cascara has a bit of lemony brightness on top of the strawberry flavor, but with a touch of sugar or honey it morphs into the delicious flavor of strawberry jam. It's terrific. You can definitely enjoy this flavorful tea either hot or iced; a perfect treat to beat the summer heat! Add a cinnamon stick while brewing to create a drink known in Bolivia as Sultana.


Brewed Cascara

$8 for an 8 oz. bag*


Sold Out.

*Cascara may contain some green coffee beans. This is a natural result of the processing of Cascara and does not effect the final flavor.


Brewing Instructions:

Cascara does contain as much or more caffeine as a cup of coffee when brewed hot. A lower caffeine version can be made by cold brewing.


Hot Brew Instructions:

Place 20 grams of Cascara (approx. 2 heaping tablespoons) in a brewer and add 12 ounces of hot water. Water should be just off of a boil. Allow the Cascara to steep for 6-8 minutes, according to taste, stirring at least once during the brewing process. You can also brew Cascara in a French Press.


Cold Brew Instructions:

Combine about 40 grams (or 4 heaping tablespoons) of Cascara with about 12 ounces cold water into a glass jar or other brewing vessel. Allow to sit in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. Pour through strainer and enjoy!


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